Technical Support and Services

Lightship's Technical Services Group offers a wide range of predictive and preventative maintenance techniques to assist you in ensuring minimal downtime. With our wide range of condition monitoring methods, we find problems before they shut you down.

Predictive Maintenance

Lightship's engineers and technical services personnel are uniquely qualified to diagnose and repair problems before they fail.

Vibration Analysis

 Let us identify mechanical problems using vibration analysis and make recommendations as to the best way to correct them prior to actual machine failure.

Machinery Alignment

Misalignment is the leading cause of machine failure. Proper alignment is a critical process in the fight to minimize machinery "downtime." Improperly aligned machines can cause premature failure of both the drive and driven components including bearings, seals, motors, pumps and couplings.

Lube Oil Analysis

When integrated into a complete preventative maintenance program, will provide advance notice of oil degradation, oil contamination and machine wear. Oil Analysis can be performed by utilizing a variety of technologies.

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