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What's New at Lightship?

Electrical Upgrades - Wooden Whaling Vessel "Charles W. Morgan"

Lightship Group recently completed the installation of all electrical components onboard the whaling vessel Charles W. Morgan for Mystic Seaport. The Morgan was a whaling ship during the 19th and early 20th century. The ship is an exhibit at the Mystic Seaport museum in Mystic, Connecticut , and is the world's oldest surviving merchant vessel. The ship is the only surviving wooden whaling ship from the 19th century American fleet. Lightship installed a new Main Switchboard, port and stbd shorepower connections and a shorepower selector panel, isolation transformer, 208/120V distribution panel, lighting panels, 24V distribution panel and a grounding system. Lightship installed a battery back-up/inverter system that provides emergency lighting through the same fixtures, which include LED floodlights and emergency exit lighting. With the assistance of Mystic’s superb shipyard staff, electrical cable was run throughout the vessel to support navigation equipment, lighting, and power. All work was done in accordance with USCG Subchapter T regulations.

The Morgan sailed for the first time in over 80 years, sailing throughout the Northeast during the summer of 2014.

USTS Kennedy - Cargo Handling Work

Lightship Group completed an overhaul of the cargo handling booms, blocks, and rigging for Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s training ship, Kennedy, alongside its dock in Buzzards Bay, MA. This large project included the removal, disassembly, inspection, refurbishment, reassembly and installation of each of the Kennedy’s almost 50 wire cable blocks. In addition, all booms were removed and inspected. All pins and bushings were cleaned, measured, documented, replaced as necessary, and reinstalled. Some pins failed inspection and had to be welded and cut to return the surface their original dimensions. All wire rope was replaced with new wire rope. All rigging, winches, and controls were tested, with repairs made to winches and brakes. Each cargo hold’s gear was then tested to the satisfaction of the ABS.

The Kennedy’s 40 ton EBI Stores Crane was also overhauled. This work included replacing all hydraulic hoses, replacing all hydraulic fluid with new environmentally safe hydraulic fluid, and replacing both of the wire ropes for the crane’s two winches. A survey was performed on the crane’s control system. Replacement counter-balance valves were installed and a 125% weight test was performed on the crane.

The vessel known today as Kennedy was laid down in 1964 as SS Velma Lykes, a break bulk cargo freighter type (C4-S-66a) hull. She was delivered to Lykes Brothers Steamship Company in 1966. She was known as the SS Velma Lykes until the vessel was reacquired by MARAD when she was renamed SS Cape Bon. In 2001, the Cape Bon was converted to be a training ship at Bender Ship Repair, being delivered and christened TS Enterprise in 2003. She was renamed TS Kennedy in January 2009 in honor of the Kennedy Family. For the past 12 years, Lightship has performed dozens of projects on the vessel, ranging from small projects to $2M projects.

Installation of New Hybrid UPS for NOAA RV Okeanos Explorer

Lightship Group was tasked with the very delicate job of removing the existing UPS System and all its supporting components, and installing a new, hybrid UPS System in the Motor Propulsion Room of the research vessel Okeanos Explorer. Tasks included to disconnect cables and disassemble the Mission UPS, remove the Mission UPS from the ship in modules taking extraordinary care not to damage any components. Lightship relocated the VSAT transformer, installed new cabling between the UPS and the Main Switchboard, and Lightship installed new breakers in the switchboard. Lightship also installed all new control panels throughout the vessel, from Bridge to Engine Control Room, with all new wiring. Lightship rigged the new UPS in sections onboard the vessel, in some places with only ¼” top clearance. One section alone weighed 3800# and had to be rigged with 1” side to side clearance in a ladderwell. The battery cabinets were installed on new foundations. All new cabinets were mounted on new spring mounts. Due to the weight and size of the new cabinets, decks were lengthened, new framing installed, piping was moved, and modifications made to handrails and furnishings in the Motor Propulsion Room.

The Okeanos Explorer is a converted United States Navy ship now an exploratory vessel for NOAA. Its focus is on gathering scientific information about oceans for the public as well as for scientific uses. The ship is equipped with cameras and will provide real-time viewing of the ocean floor for scientists and for the public. The Okeanos Explorer is the only vessel owned by the U.S. government that is dedicated to exploring the seabed and ocean crust.

Emergency Repairs - Chemical Tanker Harbour Feature in Portsmouth, NH

Lightship was contracted by TB Marine Ship Management of Hamburg, Germany to perform emergency repairs to the Chemical Tanker Harbour Feature in Portsmouth, NH. Lightship personnel worked around the clock on repairs that included permanent repairs to the hull; installation of heavy duty structural support tubing; removal of damaged lifeboat structure; installation of new liferaft foundations; replacement of damaged handrails and installation of new handrails; and fabrication of temporary steel boxes for cement patches. Steel replacement and repair included rolled plate and compound angles, with repairs inspected by the ABS and USCG.

“Good morning Lightship Team, thanks for yours. As well many thanks from TB Marine for your best and professional support. With best regards, Ansgar Hennig, Technical Superintendent”

Okeanos Explorer Dockside

Lightship was awarded the dockside repair package on the NOAA RV Okeanos Explorer. The large package included difficult piping repairs, including the replacement of complete tank segments for all fuel oil filling piping to all 10 fuel oil tanks, inside the double bottoms. This required Lightship to replace hundreds of feet of 3” schedule 80 piping in four foot sections throughout the double bottom. In addition, the complete 6” schedule 80 anti-roll piping system was replaced, with all piping work performed inside the double bottoms. Additional repairs on the vessel included: fabrication and installation of a new bilge drainage line for the skeg that included transiting machinery spaces and ballast tanks; in place cleaning of the large Bow Thruster Motor; installation of new padeyes and support members for a bow thruster emergency lifting system; complete overhaul of the Stbd Anchor Windlass and the Stbd Capstan; repair and replacement of fan motors; modifications to HVAC systems; cleaning of all HVAC A/C systems and Galley systems; replacement of chain locker drain piping; replacement of ballast tank vent piping; gage calibration; fabrication and installation of a new repair platform for the 10cm radar pedestal; and various welding repairs/inserts to the stacks.

USCGC Willow Deck Tiedowns

Lightship was contracted by the USCG to perform emergency repairs to buoy deck tiedowns throughout the buoy deck. All designated tiedowns were replaced with new. The work performed included removal of interferences and insulation, cropping of the old tiedowns; fitting the new tiedowns and welding them. By design, the tiedowns are positioned into the frames under the deck, with production welding affecting the frames, supports, and buoy deck. All finished tiedowns were subjected to pull tests of 20,000# and mag particle tests before and after the pull tests.

USCGC Morro Bay WTGB-106 - Welding, Hydraulics, Voyage Repairs

During May and June at its homeport in New London, CT, Lightship, as a subcontractor to Salmi and Company of Pasadena, MD, successfully performed 6 projects onboard the Icebreaking Tug, Morro Bay. Projects included a complete structural and hydraulic overhaul of the ship’s support crane, renewing and sealing over (20) epoxy decks, installing (2) new drain piping systems in a crawl space under the Navigation Bridge, installing new deck penetrations, and installing new deck plating on the 02 Deck. The new deck plating required fabricating and installing new foundations for radio transmitters. The drain piping was all galvanized, with a high degree of difficulty due to such limited work space. The decking task included spaces such as Messdeck, Stores Room, lockers, heads, showers, and p-ways. The crane task included rebuilding hydraulic pumps and motors, replacing hydraulic lines, removal and installation of a new Rotating Assembly, preservation of all components IAW USCG Color and Coatings Manual, and performing acceptance testing. Acceptance Testing included an Operational Test, a Dynamic Test at 1 ½ times the rated weight, and a Static Test at 2 times the rated weight. All weights and calibrated dynamometer were provided by Lightship.

Navy YFBN LighterBarge - New 120V Electrical System

As a sub-contractor to Thames Shipyard, Lightship Group recently installed a complete 120V electrical receptacle system aboard the U.S. Navy’s YFNB 41, a Large Covered Lighter serving as a floating machine shop and offices, with workshops, supply rooms, heads, and break rooms. New low smoke wire runs were installed feeding (12) new single phase, 480V/120V transformers, each set of (3) serving a newly installed, three phase distribution panel with new circuit breakers. The electrical work also involved installing new structural tubing in offices, new watertight penetrations, new foundations, new wire trees, and running thousands of feet of cable. Other work performed by Lightship on the YFNB 41 included wiring and installing (5) new Friedrich Heat Pump units, complete with new circuit breakers, housing sleeves, 220V receptacles, and new wire runs. Lightship also performed cleaning of all supply, exhaust, and air conditioning ducting; fabrication of new vent screens and closures, fabrication and installation of a new by-pass ventilation duct, installation of new duct insulation, and installation of a new electrical system for a washroom area. Lightship provided all labor and all technical services necessary to perform these tasks. All work was done in accordance with all USCG and Navy Regulations.

NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow - New Berthing Spaces

Lightship was tasked by NOAA to create new berthing spaces and modify an existing Lounge/Conference Room aboard the Research Vessel Bigelow. The Bigelow’s home port is Newport, RI. Lightship created new joiner panel bulkheads, new structural supports, and installed or modified all services to provide a new 4-man berthing space with attached head. This space will provide the Bigelow with comfortable berthing for 4 more research technicians. In addition, Lightship created a new combination office and berthing space for the XO. This included installing a new Head with shower, and a new settee. Lightship also modified the existing Lounge and Conference, completely renovating the space with new ventilation, decking, electrical, and piping. All work was done in accordance with all USCG Regulations and ABS Rules.

Steamship Authority vessel M/V Eagle - New Sprinkler System

Lightship was tasked by Firex of Portsmouth, RI and Thames Shipyard of New London, CT to remove the existing sprinkler system aboard the passenger ferry Eagle and replace the system with an entire new CuNi system. Lightship used the new Seapress piping system, which is a “pressed fitting” system when installing the new piping. Piping was replaced from the Engine Room manifold to the individual sprinkler heads. New drawings reflecting these changes were required to be submitted. The installation includes new A-60 piping penetrations, pipe hangers, and new valves. In addition, Lightship installed a new FM 200 fixed fire fighting system in the Engine Room, Aux Machinery Room, Bow Thruster Room, and the Emergency Generator Room. All systems were pressure tested and operationally tested to the satisfaction of the USCG.

NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow - New Ventilation System

Lightship Group recently installed a new and complete ventilation system onboard the NOAA Research Vessel Bigelow. This system supplies the Engine Operating Station with an entire new VFD controlled air conditioning system. The work involved installing new insulated piping, new ducting, A-60 duct penetrations, fabricating new vent closures, installing a new VFD system, duct insulation and a new electrical system. Lightship provided all labor, all additional materials and all technical services necessary to create the fully functioning, new climate control system. All work was done in accordance with all USCG Regulations and ABS Rules.

USCGC Juniper Annual Dockside Repairs

Lightship has been tasked to perform the annual dockside repairs on the 225' USCGC Juniper, homeported in Newport, Rhode Island at Naval Station Newport. Lightship will provide all labor and materials to perform over 20 Work Items to include: Superstructure Preservation; Propulsion modifications; Main Engine Exhaust Inspection and cleaning; winch overhauls; tank weld repairs; CO2 system modifications; relief valve testing; epoxy decking installation; and various piping repairs. The Juniper is a multi-task buoy tender that patrols from Sandy Hook to Narragansett Bay.

USCGC Seneca - Interferences Removal and Replacement, and Welding Support

The USCGC Seneca is a 270' Medium Endurance Cutter homeported in Boston, MA at the USCG Station Boston. The vessel is one of District 1's more highly decorated vessels and provides lifesaving, protection patrols, and drug interdiction roles from Canada to the Caribean. Lightship successfully completed the removal and installation of ventilation, wiring, insulation, and other interferences in support of USCG Repair Yard Curtis Bay. Repair included the replacement of over 40 helicopter tiedowns that were welded into the special flight deck steel.

Repairs to the Allied Buoy Crane aboard the USCGC Juniper

Lightship Group, LLC has been tasked by the USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center in Norfolk to perform repairs to the Allied Buoy Crane aboard the USCGC Juniper, first of the WLB 201 Class Buoy Tenders. The Place of Performance is the Juniper's home port of Newport, RI. Lightship is dismantling the crane boom into two sections, removing the 13,000 lb Extension Boom to the shore. Lightship will be removing and replacing the hydraulic Extension Cylinder in the fixed portion of the crane that extends the reach of the boom to 60'. The performance period is limited to only 5 days as the vessel has to be back in service to meet scheduled buoy replacements.

The first Seagoing buoy tender built for the USCG since WWII, the Juniper's highly trained crew of 40 attends all navigational buoys from Sandy Hook to Narragansett Bay, RI. Juniper's Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) uses positioning information, the ship's controllable pitch propeller, and the stern and bow thrusters to keep the ship on station without any human input while working buoys. As a multi-task vessel and crew, the Juniper responded to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill where her crew skimmed 145,660 gallons of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico. See Juniper At Work Here

Shaft Alignment and Performance of Bearing Load Calculations on T/S Kennedy

Lightship had been tasked to verify the shaft alignment and perform bearing load calculations on the Line Shaft Bearings on the cadet training ship T.S. Kennedy. Lightship provided all labor and materials to verify the alignment of three of the Line Shaft Bearings. Lightship also performed bearing load calculations with a compression load cell and hydraulic pumping system. All work was done in accordance with all USCG Regulations and ABS Rules. The TS Kennedy is a training ship owned by the U.S. Maritime Administration and provided to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy for the purpose of training young men and women for a career in the U. S. Maritime Industry. All work was performed aboard the training ship afloat at her berth at the Academy, Academy Drive, Bourne, MA.

State of Maine School Ship Marine Sanitation Piping (MSD Piping) Replacement

Lightship has been tasked to perform emergency repairs on the cadet training ship State of Maine. Lightship will provide all labor and materials to renew over 400 feet of heavy duty sewage piping which has reached the end of its duty life. All piping shall be removed, and new piping will be installed in its place. All work will be done in accordance with all USCG Regulations and ABS Rules. The TS State of Maine is a training ship owned by the U.S. Maritime Administration and provided to the Maine Maritime Academy for the purpose of training young men and women for a career in the U. S. Maritime Industry. All work shall be performed aboard the Training Ship, State of Maine. The State of Maine is afloat at her berth at the Maine Maritime Academy, 1 Water Street, Castine, ME.

The Lightship Group Has Installed a New Steering Control System for USTS Kennedy

Lightship Group recently installed a new and complete steering control system onboard the training vessel USTS Kennedy. The T. S. Kennedy is a U. S. Government owned training ship provided to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy for the purpose of training young men and women for a career in the U. S. Maritime Industry. Lightship provide all labor, all additional materials and all technical services necessary to create a fully functioning, new steering control system. Using government furnished materials purchased from Raytheon, Lightship replaced the existing 43 year old Sperry steering stands aboard Kennedy with one new Raytheon Compilot 20 stand, autopilot, dual gyrocompass, course recorder, course repeaters, rudder angle indicators and over a mile of new cable.

LSG Helping to Re-build Quonset Business Park

The QDC has some lofty goals which include housing 15,000 jobs within the Quonset Business Park. To accomplish their goals the QDC will need to add new buildings and upgrade the existing building inventory. As a business located in the park, and given the unique capabilities Lightship Group has, we are on the front lines of this re-development. New buildings, like the one shown here – which broke ground in 2009 – are becoming commonplace as are extensive renovations to existing structures.

Lightship Group’s steel building division –anchored by our Star Building dealership – is fast becoming the choice for new business owners looking to build within the park’s boundaries. Like the building shown here, which is a Star building, a combination of pre-engineered and conventional construction techniques come together to produce affordable – Hybrid – building solutions.

Beyond simply designing conventional industrial/commercial structures, Lightship now boasts “Green Building” solutions. Again, by using the “Hybrid” model different systems and techniques can be brought together to deliver aesthetically pleasing, and energy efficient buildings…worthy of the 21st century. Together with groups like the RIECD and the QDC Lightship is striving to re-build Quonset’s aging industrial infrastructure - and add to it - in hopes of attracting more jobs to Rhode Island.

New Officer and Faculty Berthing Space Aboard The TS Kennedy

This is a picture taken 13 September of the progress on the Boat Deck Aft of the USTS Kennedy. This is the new officer and faculty berthing space located below the Navigation Classroom and Lab. This was a completely closed void months ago. Now, Lightship, working with Custom Ship Interiors, is close to completion of this space. New tile and Terrazo decks are being installed today in the new staterooms and laundry, as Lightship personnel complete the final electrical, piping, HVAC, and structural tasks.

LSG Completes USCGC Willow Dockside Repairs

Lightship Group recently completed the vessel's 2008 dockside repair package at it's home pier in Middletown, RI. Under the supervision of Lightship's Project Manager, Chris Petit, Lightship completed a large number of repair and overhaul items, on time and on budget.

Items completed include: overhaul of the Buoy Chain Winch; overhaul of the Buoy Crane Hydraulic Motors; upgrade to the Buoy Deck Hydraulic Power Packs; overhaul steering cylinders; clean, inspect, & preserve gray and sewage tanks & piping systems; renewing weather-tight doors; repairing firemain piping; repairing ventilation ducting; weather deck preservation; and renewing tank level indicators.

LSG Completes USTS Kennedy Dockside Repairs

Prior to the training ship for Massachusetts Maritime Academy leaving on its annual cruise, Lightship performed modifications and repairs under the 2008 dockside repair package.

Repairs and modifications included: installation of a new Saturn NERA Bm unit with a new dome, new central control unit installed in the Master's Stateroom, and connections in the Doctor's Office; installation of a new Sperry Voyage Master II SVDR unit which is the "black box" recording system for ships; removal of asbestos ceiling tiles and replacement of new ceiling tiles in the Bridge, Master's Office, and Gyro Room; firemain piping repairs; and replacement of a domestic refrigeration system with a new Carrier Compressor.

To the right are photos of before and after ceiling repairs and renovation.

Before & After Ceiling Renovations

Paul Masse Commissions Lightship to Create “Retro Look” For New Chevrolet Dealership

When the charismatic owner of Rhode Island’s premiere Chevrolet dealership began looking for a firm to design and install a 1950’s style façade for his new dealership in Wakefield, RI Paul Masse had to look no further than to The Lightship Group. Armed with only an old magazine photo and an idea Paul explained his concept to Lightship and our professional staff sprang into action.

Lightship’s Sales & Marketing manager explains “This is not your everyday run of the mill material; we expanded our search nationwide tapping all of our industry contacts to locate this specialized product within the timeframe Mr. Masse requested”. Once a sample of the material was approved by the Masse team Lightship completed the design process and initiated onsite field work. The Project Manager chosen for the Masse Chevrolet job was Kurt McCormick, whose attention to detail is legendary. We are proud to announce Paul Masse’s vision of recreating a fifties era car dealership has been realized thanks, in no small part, to the talented staff at The Lightship Group.

Lightship Group Unveils “Rhino Lining” Capability

There is a world of uses for Rhino Linings, but the most significant result of these sprayed-on polyurethane solutions is their impact on the bottom line. Simply put, Rhino Linings can save you money.

Extremely versatile, Rhino is a thick polyurethane lining that tenaciously adheres to virtually any substrate – steel, aluminum, rubber, fiberglass, wood and even concrete. Sprayed on to any desired thickness, Rhino cures in just seconds, reducing valuable downtime of important vehicles, equipment and facilities. It forms an airtight and watertight seal that resists corrosion, abrasion, impact and chemicals, and its nonskid surface will never split, crack or warp.

Rhino Linings USA Inc. is the worldwide leader in sprayed-on protection for the transportation and commercial vehicle industries. In addition, Rhino’s unique proprietary application system and extensive range of formulations makes it the ideal lining to use in commercial and industrial applications. Lightship offers free estimates and can apply Rhino Lining at you location or ours.

CNC Burn Table

Lightship is proud to announce that we now have a CNC (Computerized Numerical Controlled) burning table. After repairing and retrofitting Servo Drive Smart Motors that are computer controlled, Lightship will now have the ability to import customer part files to be cut using our table and software. Lightship also has the ability on site to design customer parts using are engineering software.

The Burn table itself has a capacity to cut parts in an array up to the 6'x10' table size on our machine, burning parts using a flame cut method in material ranging from 1/8"to 3" steel. In the near future we will adding a plasma torch to our table to further satisfy our customer needs, and increase the ability of our machine enable ling us to cut more types of metal like aluminum, stainless, brass, copper, or any other conductive metals.

Construction of The Warwick Ear, Nose & Throat Center

Lightship’s Commercial Construction Division is wrapping up work on The Warwick Ear, Nose & Throat Center, located on Rte. 5 in Rhode Island. Construction of the 25,000 square foot structure included custom steel fabrications, both structural and aesthetic. Architectural steel and specialized stainless steel components highlighted a very modern design theme.

Ed Joanis served as The Lightship Group Project Manger for the ENT Center. As with most projects The ENT Center was a collaborative effort between multiple companies. This point is important because projects depend heavily on the seamless interaction of multiple trades. Lightship’s professional staff excels at this type of complimentary coordination. It’s not WHAT IF situations arise, it’s how are situations dealt with WHEN they arise.

If your looking for top notch Steel installation for your next project call The Lightship Group today. Remember, we also sell, design and install Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS). SIPS wall and roof systems can help your project achieve additional LEED points!

Structural Insulated Panel Addition Completed

It can be risky to rip off your home's roof in January; however, when using Structural Insulated Panels the diminished construction time increases your odds for success. Lightship recently put this theory to the test in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

The project began once the SIP panels were onsite, complete with window cutouts and roof pitch cuts. Demolition commenced on Saturday morning and by Sunday evening the home was weather tight again. Although additional living space was added to the home heating and cooling costs are expected to decrease because of the insulated panel use. The highly energy efficient panels often eliminate the need for costly heating system upgrades when adding onto a home.

The client tells us he wishes his whole house was built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS).

Lightship Completes Major Repairs to The Fredrikstad

The Fredrikstad is a 75' decommissioned rescue boat built for the Norwegian government in 1968. She served 20 plus years as a working search and rescue ship. The Fredrikstad, named for the Norwegian city where she was built, is an ice class vessel.

This classification means the hull is made from 3/8" steel, which is unusually thick for a ship of her size. This specification took on significant importance during Lightship's repair as deteriorated hull sections were removed and replaced as part of the scope of work. The completed work was inspected by Bureau Veritas, the French equivalent of United States of America's ABS.

After undergoing a rigorous inspection process The Lightship Group's work received high praise. The Captain, Andrew Christodalo, commended the entire Lightship staff for a job well done. The yacht, which was originally fitted out by Peter de Sarcary in 1997, has been returned to the waters off Newport, RI, once again ready for service. Captain Any tells us The Fredrikstad will shortly make her way towards her home port, located in Road Harbour, British Virgin Islands.

Kudos to Mike Leveille, Chris Petit, Peter Rocha  & Operations Manager Ed Aubin, these men worked as team to complete the project on time.

Lightship Completes Production Facility Office Renovations

We've recently expanded the office space at our Quonset Production Facility. The renovation included new partition walls, new painting and flooring.

The server room was relocated and enhanced and all offices were fitted with new CAT 6 cabling. Electrical and phone system upgrades rounded out the project.

In total three new work stations/offices were added.

Lightship's Generator Sales Increase For The Third Year In A Row

David Duchesneau has indicated yet another year of steady growth for Lightship's Generator Division.

Notable accomplishments include keeping the Rhode Island Department of Corrections (RIDOC) facility powered up during a potentially catastrophic electrical outage.

Lightship's generator sales are complemented by our outstanding 24 hour service. Call us to install your new back-up power generator.

Levy Community Ice Rink Renovation

The Lightship Group, LLC spent the better part of the summer renovating the June Rockwell Levy Community Ice Rink in Burrillville, RI. The project was a collaborative effort between A.F. Lusi Construction, Edwards & Kelcy Engineering Inc. & Lightship, among others. The buildings deteriorated steel skin was removed and replaced in its entirety. An addition was added on the south end of the rink and all interior components were replaced or updated.

Custom handrails were installed throughout the rink by Lightship personnel. All railing systems were designed & fabricated, from raw stock, at our facility in Quonset Point. Two teams of skilled craftsman work tirelessly on the railing project for weeks, ultimately meeting the installation deadline. Tie up your skates and throw a hip check, The Levy Community Ice Rink is open for business, thanks to The Lightship Group's unwavering efforts.

Dutch Island Lighthouse Restoration

The Lightship Group, LLC has just begun restoring the 150 year old Dutch Island Lighthouse, in Narragansett Bay. The restoration process is a team effort between Newport Collaborative Architects, Abcore Restoration & The Lightship Group, among others. The 42 foot Lighthouse was built in 1857 on the southern most tip of Dutch Island.

Lightship will be fabricating and installing new steel doors and providing intricate components for the light itself. Also, the existing window openings will be covered with steel held in place with strong backs. The original steel door will be reconstructed, by Lightship, to exacting standards preserving the historical integrity of the structure. When accuracy and professionalism matter Rhode Islands most important and highlighted projects end up at The Lightship Group, LLC.

Royal Mills Redevelopment Project

The Lightship Group, LLC has been working extensively with the development firm Streuver Brothers, Eccles & Rouse, Inc. this year. Two of the more spectacular projects undertaken are the Riverwalk at Royal Mills & the Hydro Electric Project, also at Royal Mills.

The Riverwalk is a 234 foot elevated bikepath/walkway. The Riverwalk transitions the Pawtuxet River bikepath from high atop the Royal Mills waterfall to the newly installed trestle bridge spanning the river at Royal Mills.

The Hydro Electric Project will reintroduce the Pawtuxet River to a new 12-ton Power turbine housed in the basement of the mill. The turbine will generate a substantial amount of electricity, which will be distributed throughout the new Royal Mills Apartments. Lightship has fabricated and installed countless tons of steel while bringing The Hydro Electric Project to fruition.

Barge Repairs Completed

Lightship has recently completed two barge repair contracts on two of Reinauer Towing Company's barges, the RTC 501 and the RTC 105, in conjunction with Senesco Marine.

Both barges were drydocked at Senesco's expanded Quonset Point, RI facility. Tasks completed included piping replacement, sea valve overhaul, relief valve overhauls, winch refurbishing, marine sanitation system replacement, interior decking replacement, replacement of all hydraulic hoses, and various piping and valve repairs inside the fuel tanks.

Senesco and Lightship will start work on the third consecutive Reinauer barge, BTC 39, August 7th.

Hybrid Steel Building

The Lightship Group, LLC is currently building a "hybrid" steel building for All Island Landscape in Portsmouth, RI. The new 83,160 cubic square foot structure will feature wooden siding and a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) roof system. The roof will be covered with architectural style asphalt shingles, giving the building a residential appearance.

Other features include three large overhead doors, second level employee locker rooms & state of the art insulation systems.

All Lightship Group's steel buildings are pre-engineered and fabricated to meet state & local building codes. Our structures can be customized to suite specific client needs, including adding mezzanines & interior crane systems. The exterior building components can also be customized. Examples include adding facades, canopies, masonry & glass veneers. Our in house design teams and vendor supported engineering translate into quick turn around times for our clients.


Lightship Group started a new contract on 18 June, 2007 with Boston Ship Repair for performing various piping, fabrication, and repair jobs aboard the USNS Sisler. USNS Sisler is one of Military Sealift Command's nineteen Large, Medium-Speed Roll-on/Roll-off Ships and is part of the 35 ships in the Prepositioning Program.

  • Length: 950 feet
  • Beam: 106 feet
  • Draft: 34 feet
  • Displacement: 62,644 long tons
  • Speed: 24.0 knots
  • Organization: Army Prepositioned Stocks-3 Ship
  • Civilian: 30
  • Military: 5
  • Owner/Operator: Government-owned, Contractor-operated

US Navy Aircraft Carrier Forrestal

Lightship Group recently completed a seven month project removing fluids from the hydraulic, lube oil, and diesel oil systems aboard the US Navy's Aircraft Carrier, Forrestal. The project was a labor intensive task that required Lightship to enter over 2000 spaces covering 19 decks on the vessel, many were confined spaces. All systems were drained, with some systems being completely flushed as well. All fluids were removed and transferred into Lightship's 6000 gallon storage tank using over a 1/4 mile of oil transfer hose, a 1/4 mile of air hose, air compressors and numerous heavy duty diaphragm pumps.

The Forrestal was named after James V. Forrestal, who was appointed Secretary of the Navy in May of 1944. He then took the oath of office as our country's first Secretary of Defense in September 1947. The Forrestal facts are: commissioned in 1955 at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard; is as tall as a 25 story building weighs; over 158,000,000 pounds fully loaded; is 1076' long; is 252' wide; 260,000 HP; speed was estimated at 35 knots. 31 different types of aircraft flew from her flight deck, including propellor driven fighters like the AD-6 Skyraider, the the F4 Phantom, F14 Tomcat, the F18 Hornet, and even a KC130 Hercules. The Forrestal was decommissioned in 1993 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and is scheduled by the Navy to be sunk in the next few years.

2006-2007 Mass Maritime vessel Enterprise dockside repairs complete!

Lightship Group was tasked with performing a dockside repair contract for the Massachusetts Maritime Administration's training vessel Enterprise for the third year in a row. That period ran from September of 2006 to January of 2007 when the vessel left on its annual Sea Term. Work performed included cargo quadrennial, hatch cover overhaul and testing for ABS, ABS pump surveys, pump repairs, Stores Crane overhaul and ABS survey, Lifeboat and Liferaft fall renewal and weight testing, sprinkler system installation, CO2 system modifications, pressure relief valve testing, cleaning grey water systems, air escape overhauls, bilge valve manifold rebuilding, FD Fan Motor overhauls, fire main valve replacements, Reciprocating Boiler Feed Pump valve and poppet repairs, HP Turbine Steam Chest weld repairs, foundation fabrication, ice machine installation, water heater renewal in Eng Room, Forecastle deck ABS weld repairs, fuel oil heater flushing, and vibration analysis of rotating equipment.

Tug Emergency Repairs

Lightship performed emergency repairs to Sirius Maritime's tug, NA Hoku. The port main engine's lube oil cooler had developed some leaks. Lightship worked through the weekend and through the night to repair the existing lube oil cooler in Lightship's Quonset Point repair shop to be used as a spare cooler. At the same time, Lightship installed a new lube oil cooler in the engine room to allow the tug to meet its service obligations.

Emergency Weld Repairs

Lightship performed emergency repairs to the Collier "Energy Enterprise" while at anchorage in Narragansett Bay. Lightship personnel cropped portions of the engine room decking under the FD Fans, replacing the decking with new decking. All material and procedures were approved by the ABS. The time available was limited due to the ship's tight schedule, requiring immediate response and equally tight scheduling of repairs by Lightship.

Lightship is ISO 9001:2000 Compliant!

We are pleased to announce that The Lightship Group has achieved compliance to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. Our mission with this qualification is to provide the highest quality products and services which will exceed the expectations of our customers. We are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management systems and personnel as we move ahead with ISO 9001:2000.

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